A first on Second Street: ‘Book’s for sell’

I’ve lived on or near Second Street in Gulfport since 1977. Mostly near.

The street is all residential with many lovely homes, a lot of them built in the years after Hurricane Katrina.

The street is one block from the beach and the upper end of it is just east of downtown.

On my way home at 5 p.m. Friday, I saw something on Second Street I’ve never seen before: A small table with books outside a home.

I had to stop and check it out.

It had a sign: “Book’s for sell.” The books were used but in really good condition for the most part and the price had been reduced from $2 to $1. The two minutes I spent looking at the books, the seller never showed up. I was the one person there and I didn’t buy a book because I was uncertain where to leave my one dollar.

Only four books were left and I’ve gone to Amazon to snip the covers.

All four books have history in common. World War II connects three of them and spying is the subject of two. Noonan’s memoir, published in 1990, is the oldest of the four books.

The Roosevelt book is a paperback and the others are hardbacks.

They would be excellent additions to your library, whether you stop on Second Street or shop at your favorite bookstores.

The featured image, which is at the top of this post, is a filtered picture of the original photo that was run through the Aristo app.