Peter Frampton tickets are on sale now

Yeah, Peter Frampton tickets. Not concert tickets. Those days might be over. Tomorrow never knows or something like that.

The tickets I’m writing about are for the virtual event Booksoup will host Oct. 20. Frampton will talk about his new memoir, “Do You Feel Like I Do?”, and film director Cameron Crowe will join him.

Oct. 20 is a Tuesday, also known as Pub Day in the book industry.

Admission includes a copy of the book, a signed bookplate, a guitar pick and a poster.

I bought my ticket on Friday, Oct. 2, and paid $40, which doesn’t include tax.

I’m not going to Booksoup. I may never have a chance to go there. It’s on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Calif.

Like I said, the event is virtual, so I know where I’ll be sitting. On our couch. In our home. In Gulfport, Miss.

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