Something in the way she looks like Pattie Boyd

Yeah, this post’s image features the cover of Pattie Boyd’s memoir, “Wonderful Tonight.”

I enjoyed reading the book shortly after it was published in 2007 and I still have my copy somewhere among my many stacks.

I really like the cover and a young woman with an Instagram account has recreated the image.

Her name is Kitt Carson and I would snip the photo from her IG, but I don’t want to get in a copyright dispute and I’m too lazy to seek permission because I’m on a tight deadline to publish an article in September. This just happens to be the last day of the month, you know.

So the easiest thing to do is link to the picture and here it is:

Carson’s IG has many other pictures in which she channels Pattie Boyd and Carson also has a blog, The Machine Daydream, in which she shares her passion for the Beatles and “the wacky and colorful world of the 1960s and 1970s.”

I believe the photo for the “Wonderful Tonight” cover might come from a 1968 Robert Whitaker shoot for a Vogue UK article titled “Pattie Harrison and the Painted House.”

An eBay UK seller lists a used copy of the issue at £90.00 and that doesn’t include postage.

From the seller:

“The Painted House” has quite a history that fascinates thousands, maybe millions. The People of Pinterest appear to be taken by it based on what I’ve seen and they enjoy pinning images like this one, which is from the Vogue UK article.

I enjoyed my hours of research inspired by the ’68 photo that became the book cover.

Who do I thank? Pattie Boyd and Kitt Carson. Of course.

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