About the odd Barnes and Noble email to customers

Barnes & Noble sent me an email after 8 p.m. on Friday, 3-13-20, and I read it on my iPhone while I just happened to be in its store in Gulfport, Miss., only a few miles north from my home.

I thought maybe I was getting an unprecedented deal to remain loyal to B&N during the coronavirus crisis. You know, because I have frequented B&N stores since 1994, perhaps 80% percent off a purchase to distract me from all the overwhelming news about the disease.

Dream on.

The email, which I hope you can see at the top of this post, was related to the pandemic, but in an oddball sort of way, it didn’t mention the coronavirus and the message ended before it ever got started.

It’s like a B&N employee in public relations or marketing hit send before the writer was finished with the email.

I kept tapping my iPhone screen to see if there was more, but nothing else was there.

On Saturday, 3-14-20-, I went to the help section of the B&N website and it has a message that delivers what customers want to know.

I took a screenshot of it to share with you.

Unlike the email, the website message is a noble corporate effort.

OK, now I’m feeling a lot better, though I wonder if the email sender is OK.

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