First post for my new blog about books

This is the first post on my new books blog.

I’m just getting the new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

The inspiration for the blog’s name comes from a scene in the 1964 Beatles film “A Hard Day’s Night.”

The scene involves an exchange between Paul’s grandfather, played by actor Wilfred Brambell, and Ringo Starr, played by Ringo.

I found the exchange on IMDB and I’m sharing part of it here.

Grandfather: Would you look at him? Sittin’ there with his hooter scrapin’ away at that book!

Ringo: Well, what’s the matter with that?

Grandfather: Have you no natural resources of your own? Have they even robbed you of that?

Ringo: You can learn from books!

You can go to YouTube to watch a clip of the scene.

I’ve learned a lot from books and my favorite writers, who include Eve Babitz, Joan Didion, Tim Ferriss, Malcolm Gladwell, Pete Hamill, Christopher Hitchens, Nick Hornby, Leslie Jamison, Jack Kerouac, Stephen King, Michael Lewis, Norman Mailer, Ed Sanders, William Styron, Gay Talese, Amber Tamblyn, Hunter S. Thompson, James Thurber, Calvin Trillin, Lynne Truss, Rob Walker and Tom Wolfe.

I will use this blog to post book reviews and share with you what I learned from each book, and I will also write about book signings, book bloggers, book podcasts and book stores.

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3 thoughts on “First post for my new blog about books

  1. I hope I didnt comment twice – had an issue logging in to my WordPress account and my previous comment disappeared (I think). 🤔
    Congrats on starting your book blog! Thats very exciting and I hope it goes well! I don’t read as much as I used to, but I saw you have Stephen King on your list of authors – he’s one of my favourites too. 😊 I also started my blog recently (this month!) and it’s been fun, interesting and exciting. Good luck!

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